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Saturday, March 10, 2018

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Welcome to Kretschman Angus

Kretschman Angus is nestled in the Powder River breaks north of Arvada ,Wyoming. This area is rich with history and where we call home. This is rough country so our cattle need to be structurally correct or they won't make it. We are raising cattle that are moderate is size, that do well on grass but still raise a big calf and breed back on time. Our weaning weights are right where they should be come September, which speaks volumes about our females and our rigorous culling program. This is a family operation, so it's important for us to have gentle livestock as well, that are easy to work with, in and out of the corral. No "crazy critters" allowed!!!

The bulls we offer are sons of AI Sires and herd bulls that are chosen specifically by proven performance, not popularity. Their proven qualities include moderation, volume, thickness and great carcass numbers. All of this in a calving ease package. They are also producing fabulous females with great milk .We strive to raise cattle that perform well in our environment on grass but also will do well in the feedlot. EPD's are great, but we also want eye appeal. We use moderate framed, low birth weight bulls that also have muscle and volume. The end product is an animal with great numbers and great looks.

We develop our bulls right here. They are fed a high roughage ration with no silage of any kind. If you are looking for an angus bull with lots of natural muscle, volume and length in a calving ease package, then we feel we have a bull for you.

Please feel free to contact us any time. Kelby (cell): 307-351-0794 or (home): 307-736-2327 or Email:

Thanks and God Bless,
Kelby & Lacey Kretschman and Family

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